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Thank You for Choosing Healing!

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Weathering Extremes

1. We are deep in one of the worst winters on record. When the winds pummel my house and the ocean flows through my basement what am I thinking is, “I’m so glad I have flood insurance.” What I am feeling is help. I scared. I want my mommy. I want a daddy. It’s hard to […]


Small “t” Trauma

I wrote about flood clean-up after this blizzard. We are all safe and sound. It’s just messy and there’s clean up and follow up and after storm stuff to deal with. The flood is in the basement and for some reason the water had oil on it and so there’s the clean up of that […]

Art by Margaret Bellafiore

What’s your ACE score?

The Mind Blowing Test No One Knows About: ACE is an informational workshop of a little known study that correlates the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) with lifelong health. The workshop will be held on Sunday, March 15th from 1 to 4 p.m. at Mobius, 55 Norfolk Street in Cambridge. The ACE Study – done by the Centers for Disease […]

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Keeping Fear in the Passenger Seat

Fear I had to name over and over again. Fear I had to guide into the backseat like a new puppy, reaching back my back while she barked or whined. “There, there” I’d say, and try to drive, move her body as she worked her way into my lap or under foot between the brakes […]

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The Bread Maker

Learning Love Later in Life   1. The bread was home made and constant. For months, he brought me loaves to take or tear open. After our first kiss he bought me a bread maker. “But you already have one,” my friend Heidi said, “Him.” She knew I was afraid I lacked the right ingredients or time […]


How Healthy Love After Childhood Abuse is Tricky but NOT Impossible 

The Bread Makers (for my loaf of T):  The bread was home made and constant. For months, he brought me loaves to take or tear open. After our first kiss he bought me one. “You already have a bread maker,” my friend Heidi said, “Him.” She knew I was afraid I lacked the ingredients or time […]


I Resolve to Remember: Part 1

The New Year is coming and I have no grand resolutions. Until I’m actually doing the things that I know bring me health, joy and rest, I’m not adding another thing to my list. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The new year, new month, new week and new day are only invitations to remember what I already know […]


Divorce During Christmas

Four years ago this month my home was flooded weeks before my divorce was final. The ocean spilled over the sea wall and headed down the street carrying telephone poles, patio furniture and boat parts. It was 2 a.m. and I was in my bedroom with the cat as my daughter was with her father […]

Elephant Journal Published Picture of Ella & How to Deal When Shit Gets Real

Elephant Journal published and make my piece “How to Deal When Shit Gets Real” a staff pick yesterday. Not only that but my baby puppy got her picture published. Very exciting! Ella seems to believe the Christmas tree means she IS going outside when she’s inside and I can see how that would be a […]

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