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Early Recovery & Safety

Bellafiore colored shapes

Now that I could “pass” for normal or successful or messed up only in the ways everyone else is, I choose to be out and outspoken.

I couldn’t when I was younger. I can now. And way back, as I’ve said before, I wondered where the “others” were and what their secrets, struggles and stories were. Over the years I’ve thought and said, “How come so many survivors and so much silence?”



It feels like Robin Williams got left in a boat without paddles and was found dead on an island before I even heard there was a search and rescue mission. I can’t believe his beautiful life and spirit which touched so many seemed inaccessible to him. I hate depression and the torment it can cause. […]

Free-Write Friday: Collections, 8/8/2014


“I have a collection of collections,” my daughter said. She didn’t want to be pinned down and commit to one. She still goes through phases and her collections change. It was once Sesame Street character purses now it’s headbands. Or giraffes. Stuffed and as wall decor. I was thinking of things I’ve loved, such as […]

Free-Write Friday: August 1, 2014


Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones is the go-to book on how to free-write, and it, with Bird by Bird and Writing from the Heart are fabulous for encouraging a new or experienced writer. Meeting Nancy Slonim Aronie at Chilmark Writing Workshops taught me writing can be done, and maybe done best, IN community. Writing […]

How to Live on Earth When You Were Raised in Hell


The Two Worst Things for Mammals Why We Don’t Just Get Over It Already There are times I would wake, after a nightmare so amped on my own adrenaline I wanted to knock myself out with a hammer. “Despair attacks” made me so numb I wanted to slide naked down an iceberg into freezing water […]

Today’s free-write prompt is this: Write a 3-page letter to half-your-age you! What do you want to share with the younger version of yourself? How has the world changed? Remember, all you have to do is write without stopping for 10 to 15 minutes. There’s no wrong way to write as long as your hands are moving across […]

Beach Towel Inspiration or the Free Fun of Free-Writing


I’m sharing a slice of a free-write done last week because I love the way free-writing allows me to make new connections. Often, I choose to write heavy to live lighter because secrets burden the body and writing them down gets them out. However, sometimes writing is simple, basic and playful. That too I appreciate. […]

Cross Post: Christine Cissy White Becomes Nancy Slonim-Aronie’s Ass’t


It’s an honor to work, part-time, supporting Nancy and the Chilmark Writing Workshop. She is one of the Mothers of Free-Writing along with Natalie Goldberg and Laura Davis. I’m so grateful I was exposed to her style, wisdom and heart. I was always a free-writer but had never done it in a group setting until […]

Free-Write Friday: 7/18/2014


“My inner life is an inaccessible landscape when I’m not writing, a foreign and unfamiliar place. It doesn’t feel dangerous so much as remote. I don’t know any other way to get there. The pen lights the way for me – it has always been my only source of illumination. But the further away I drift from the page, the harder it is to get back.”
Dani Shapiro

The Aftermath of Developmental Neglect or Heart Thaw

Grey glacier in Patagonia, Chile, South America

“There are two points in space,” my tenth-grade math teacher said and basically lost me. I was supposed to imagine a line connecting them.  Huh? That’s how I feel about mindfulness now. It makes my head hurt. I listen to the words of meditation teachers because books on the subject sound like “blah. blah. blah. […]

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