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Porges and Mary Pipher suzi looks at art

Suzie Looks at Art Review of Body Language

“Body Language” makes trauma approachable through engaging and sometimes lighthearted activities, but never loses sight of its serious and scientific backbone. The installation was infused with research. There was even a binder of the many scholarly articles they consulted set out on a desk for visitors to draw their own inspiration.” This was written by Suzi Grossman of […]


Global Trauma by Margaret Bellafiore / Guest Post

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by what is happening to the planet earth? You know, the place where we all live. What if you have been reading Bill McKibben, Elizabeth Kolbert and Barbara Kingsolver? Oil and Honey, The Sixth Extinction and Migrant Behavior, in that order. Not very hopeful stuff. Apocalyptic, actually. […]


Sebern Fisher & Neurofeedback for Developmental Trauma / Part 1: THIS WOMAN GETS IT!

“You can recover from all that happened to you.” Sebern Fisher, author of Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: Calming the Fear-Driven Brain That was the dose of hope I received from Fisher during a telephone call this summer when she took time out of her busy life to talk with a trauma blogger […]

Staying Brave When Life Goes Well

Tender, surrendered and still curious. Some days this is where I live. The world feels fresh and new. I didn’t have to change jobs, houses or countries to get here and I’ve been a while. There were no passports, applications or petitioning of anyone for anything. The sweetness of life feels present more often and […]

Trusting Collaboration

I just finished a-four month collaboration with Margaret Bellafiore who is an artist, Mobius member, friend, writer and professor at Bridgewater State. Our interactive installation called Body Language (and reviewed here) was about how and why the body is burdened by trauma (and how to lighten that load). The two-day run is done. For now.  I was too exhausted to […]

Trauma Speaks 3

Sample of Work for Body Language at this weekend

Margaret Bellafiore & Christine Cissy White, 2014 altered yoga mats and glasses,  


End of Summer

“Did you see the sunset?” the neighbor in the orange pick-up asked as his baseball cap sat on his head and the dog in the front cab moved towards the window opening. “I did,” I said, as it was going down beside me as I walked, “so nice. Always so nice.” “But it was especially […]

nora 61

In Love with Possibility

Or Survivors CAN Have a Great Sex Life! Midlife dating is divine.  Questions, like balls racked up on a pool table get shot and pocketed. “What do you want in life and love?” “Where must you travel?” “What are your secret passions and joyful hobbies?” This, in between ice cream licks and sips of wine […]

Mindful PTSD 3

I had the great honor of guest blogging at Mindfulness4mothers blog.         The Fix shared the piece and it just came out in Role Reboot    

broken butterfly

Broken Butterfly Beauty

I have a broken butterfly. Four wings she has but two are torn. Flaky and dry. Her legs have folded in and under. What once must have looked like the crafted panes of bright orange window glass on veined wings are now faded, scuffed and inglorious. But didn’t she too fly once? Wasn’t she brilliant, young […]

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