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Survivor-Led Advocacy Initiatives (1)

I saw how infrequently people who are supposedly being served are never even asked, “What do you need or need?” by those giving what they consider to be help.

MAWD Annual Conference PowerPoint

For the amazing and hard-working people at the MAWD Annual Conference in Boston. In case you want to follow along during the presentation or just reference names or books or resources. Wic directors mawd from Christine White  

Paying Attention was the Hardest Part of Early Parenting

I used to sneak away for a hot bath as often as possible when my daughter was in the need-me-every-minute years. I’d soak long past when the water went cold and I felt guilty at times but sometimes I needed to be alone. To read poetry. To have some physical space. To exhale. I didn’t […]

Do You Remember Me? #FacesOfPTSD

I got a poem today. It was sent over email. It is a punch. Healing and sad. Both. I got it from someone I went to high school with. We sat in class together sometimes. It was not a big school. I had no idea. Not then. Not in the decades since. Not ever. Until […]

#FacesOfPTSD: What is This Campaign All About

A quick Google image search will lead you to believe that the majority of those living with PTSD are men in uniform, when the reality is that women are twice as likely to develop it as men, and it can be acquired in a number of ways. Not all wars take place on the battle field.

#FacesOfPTSD / PTSD is Not a He

What is the #FacesOfPTSD Project?A

A social media campaign where people who identify as having, or have had PTSD, share photos of themselves. Any photo. Feeling sad, show us. Feeling blah, show us. Feeling happy, show us that too. Just because we have suffered more than most doesn’t mean we are never happy. Just make sure you add the hashtag #FacesOfPTSD so we can all follow along, and hopefully change the landscape of PTSD online search.

Abuse is the Story of the Abuser – Not Me!

I spoke with someone today who was relieved to learn that she can write without writing about the details of her trauma – and still find healing. “Abuse isn’t my story. Abuse is the story of those that abused me. How I live with post-traumatic stress, as well as how I parent and pay my […]


My pets totally get the importance of rest. My dog and kitty turn it all over and surrender to sleep. I LOVE sleep and how restorative it can be. Still, I often forget to submit to what I need. When I first divorced and just could not possibly imagine how the rest of life would […]

What Gives Google? PTSD Search Results

How come when I Google ‘PTSD’ this is what I get? Where are the women? It’s especially troubling considering this: “Women are more than twice as likely to develop PTSD than men (10% for women and 4% for men).” Twice as likely. That’s not me just saying so that is from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs […]

I Forgot About Joy: What the Girls & Sex Book Made Me Realize

This article, written by Mary Elizabeth Williams,  and published in Salon is about Peggy Orenstein’s latest book, Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape. Some snippets: “I’m not going to tell you to go right now and buy a copy of Peggy Orenstein’s “Girls & Sex.” I’m going to tell you to buy two copies: One […]

Johnna Janis makes documentary “Invisible Scars” to heal her and others’ childhood trauma

Together, they took on topics many would consider too triggering or taboo to address and did so without sensationalizing sexual abuse or trivializing trauma. The result is a personal, powerful and informative movie.

What Hue Are You?

My first blog was about sea glass, adoption and healing. I kept the healing part vague. I hinted. I walked the edges of how much I would say. I’m so grateful to be able to be more open and honest now. And I also crave writing about other topics as well as healing. I feel […]

These Fists Should Be Raised in Anger / Early Recovery Writing

  Throwback Thursday, Early Recovery Writing, Raw Drafted first in 1993   These fists should be raised in anger. This voice should breathe a cry. Tears shed should bring relief but the teardrops are my eyes.   Healing is too good a word, too soft for agony. Inhaled in a nightmare, I always grip the […]

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