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Free-Write Friday (On Saturday)

Belleruth Naperstek was a therapist for three decades and is the author of Invisible Heroes: Trauma Survivors and How They Heal. She’s warm and tough, has a hopeful optimism and no-nonsense directness that makes me think she’s channeling Hilary Clinton, Kwan Yin and Dr. Phil.  She loves research and studies almost as much as providing people with accessible and helpful tools to […]

Resource for Survivors of Rape & Sexual Abuse

Read the courage to be me. It’s a fabulous and free resource which is educational, supportive and spot on. I don’t usually like cartoons because I find them hard to follow with all the words always in different places and in different fonts competing with pictures. This book is direct and easy to read. The […]

Boston Globe, Edited Version of Lock Down Experience & Writing to Process

Boston Globe

Here is an edited version of the lock down experience, from a parent perspective, last week. It’s my first time being published in The Boston Globe.  

Free-Write Friday: Shoulder to Shoulder

Earlier in the week I wrote about the lock down at my daughter’s school. SSCPS in Norwell, on Monday. In fact, an edited version of my blog piece will appear in Globe South on Sunday. Everyone remains safe and fine. Nothing more is known now about the shell casing that was found at school that prompted […]

Lock Down at SSCPS 4/7/2014

I Want to be Boston Boring A call from my daughter’s school usually means snow delays, she is sick or I forgot it was a half day. O.k., it could even be the school nurse nicely saying, “Come get your licey headed kid” which means weeks of washing, combing, spraying and obsessing about bugs or […]

Vets Speak, Warrior Writers, 3

“We need your discards!” reads the postcard from the Vietnam Veteran’s National Headquarters. I imagine it’s from my father even though I know it’s direct mail. “Please call now,” it says, in big bold letters, underlined. They sell whatever is donated and use the profits to support state and national programs. After the word “programs,” […]

Vets Speak, Warrior Writers, 2

In honor of the amazing eight women and one man who organized Vets speak, (written about yesterday), I share poems from female veterans today excerpted from the book Visions of War, Dreams of Peace: Writing of Women in the Vietnam War, edited by Lynda Van Devanter and Joan A. Furey and published in 1991 at […]

Vets Speak & Warrior Writers, 1


Indictment by Maurice Decaul Women walked up to beg help, to share images of loved ones, hoping maybe we had seen their boys & men. Once a woman brought a baby balled up in a sheet she said “you” bombed out the city lights, that “I” was cooking in darkness that “my” child’s misfortune is […]

More Research on Medical Benefits of Expressive Writing

The article lined is entitled “Emotional and physical health benefits of expressive writing” by Karen A. Baikie and Kay Wilhelm is one of the most comprehensive ones I’ve read. Here are just a few of the longer term benefits which seem pretty extensive for something that only takes 45 minutes to 2 hours total.   […]

Link to Research on How Expressive Writing Heals

This video consolidates much of the research on the healing power of writing as researched by James Pennebaker at the University of Texas. It also explains the simple method for starting this practice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsHIV9PxAV4 The short version: People asked to write on 4 occasions 4 days in a row for a minimum of fifteen minutes. They wrote about the most traumatic […]