Archives for January 2014

Truth Tellers: Nancy Slonim-Aronie & Brene Brown

The two below are writers who also are talented at delivering wisdom in conversation and lecture … [Read more...]

Trauma-Related TV Scenes

The dialogue in West Wing is some of the best ever on TV. It wasn't even on cable and you could tap … [Read more...]

Music That Moves

Just the beginning of some favorites that can help move me to emotion when I'm feeling stuck, mute … [Read more...]

Self-Care as a Second Language

I have a friend who fills out the gift tag option when ordering products online – for herself! When … [Read more...]

Eve Ensler’s On-Being Audio

Eve Ensler on Krista Tippett ‘s On Being talks about life, feminism, survival (her own and others). … [Read more...]

Topic – Trauma and PTSD

Frank Ochberg, one of the first people I have heard talk about the damage to the mother/child … [Read more...]

Ted Talks on Domestic Violence

Leslie Morgan Steiner, Ted talk,  on what she calls the secrets of domestic violence called, “Crazy … [Read more...]