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Truth Tellers: Nancy Slonim-Aronie & Brene Brown

The two below are writers who also are talented at delivering wisdom in conversation and lecture format. Sometimes I need to hear in a voice other … [Read more...]

Trauma-Related TV Scenes

The dialogue in West Wing is some of the best ever on TV. It wasn't even on cable and you could tap dance to the rhythm in the speeches which made it … [Read more...]

Music That Moves

Just the beginning of some favorites that can help move me to emotion when I'm feeling stuck, mute or frozen. Please send your favorites in to me at … [Read more...]

Self-Care as a Second Language

I have a friend who fills out the gift tag option when ordering products online – for herself! When her item arrives, it comes with a love note, from … [Read more...]

Eve Ensler’s On-Being Audio

Eve Ensler on Krista Tippett ‘s On Being talks about life, feminism, survival (her own and others). The title mentions cancer, and she talks openly … [Read more...]

Topic – Trauma and PTSD

Frank Ochberg, one of the first people I have heard talk about the damage to the mother/child relationship when the mother is the non-offending parent … [Read more...]

Ted Talks on Domestic Violence

Leslie Morgan Steiner, Ted talk,  on what she calls the secrets of domestic violence called, “Crazy Love” and it is  about “the man I thought was my … [Read more...]