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Vets Speak & Warrior Writers, 1

Indictment by Maurice Decaul Women walked up to beg help, to share images of loved ones, hoping … [Read more...]

More Research on Medical Benefits of Expressive Writing

The article lined is entitled "Emotional and physical health benefits of expressive writing" by … [Read more...]

Link to Research on How Expressive Writing Heals

This video consolidates much of the research on the healing power of writing as researched by James … [Read more...]

Free-Write Friday: Thank a First Responder or Be One to Someone

I just listened to NPR and learned that one of the firefighters, Michael Kennedy, who died on … [Read more...]


A song my cousin shared with me by Ane Brun. It's the kind that can soothe, make you want to cry or … [Read more...]

Telling It Like It Is: Sacred Art

While watching a documentary last weekend I hit play and rewind a dozen times to … [Read more...]

Free-Writing Friday: (1) Where You Practice Being Free

It doesn't cost anything but that's not what the free means. It's YOU that gets to be free. Are you … [Read more...]

Newsletter Sign-Up Link Now Works

My friend was kind enough to tell me the newsletter sign-up link wasn't working. It is now fixed so … [Read more...]

Welcome to Heal Write Now!

I'm so excited. I'm visualizing your fingers dancing across your keyboard clacking up and down like … [Read more...]

Post-Traumatic What? That’s Just My Life…

When I was in my early 20s, I started therapy, talking about my abusive childhood and the frequent … [Read more...]