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Jen Goddard, Wild Hearts, Certified Natural Horsemanship Trainer & Handler

I got more of my education from horses than any instruction,” said Jen Goddard, the Wild Hearts horse handler and trainer who runs Levaland Farm, in … [Read more...]

Nicole Long, Wild Hearts Therapist

  Plymouth resident, Nicole Long, has been a practicing therapist for almost five years. Her work with Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) … [Read more...]

Free-Write Friday: In the Clouds

  Free-Write Friday 1. Write without editing yourself and once your pen hits the paper, don't stop. Go for five or fifteen minutes but … [Read more...]

The Sisterhood of Developmental Trauma Recovery

“If I was dissociating, I wouldn’t feel so anxious,” she said. “Or you might - but you just wouldn’t know it,” I replied. We laughed the PTSD … [Read more...]

Free-Write Friday & the Sunflower Kiss Sample

Last week, at a free-writing session at the library, we worked from images rather than words. We used visual prompts, picking one from a pile on the … [Read more...]

Free-Write Friday

Free-write Friday and the topic word is survivor. Go anywhere you want with the word and topic. It's an entrance. You may stray. That's fine as … [Read more...]

Is Gratitude Being Used as a Gateway Drug to Selfishness? In Praise of Tillie Olsen

I love gratitude, have a family gratitude journal on my dining room table which is as fun to write in as it is to review. When I’m weary or stressed, … [Read more...]

Free-Write Friday: The Fault in Our Stars Quote

Quote: “That’s the thing about pain,” Augustus said, and then glanced back at me, “It demands to be felt.” Pg. 63, The Fault in Our … [Read more...]