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Broken Butterfly Beauty

I have a broken butterfly. Four wings she has but two are torn. Flaky and dry. Her legs have folded in and under. What once must have looked like the … [Read more...]

Early Recovery & Safety

I used to volunteer at the Cambridge Women's Center and wrote anonymously, for a newsletter of, for and by sexual abuse survivors called For Crying … [Read more...]


It feels like Robin Williams got left in a boat without paddles and was found dead on an island before I even heard there was a search and rescue … [Read more...]

Free-Write Friday: Collections, 8/8/2014

"I have a collection of collections," my daughter said. She didn't want to be pinned down and commit to one. She still goes through phases and her … [Read more...]

Free-Write Friday: August 1, 2014

Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones is the go-to book on how to free-write, and it, with Bird by Bird and Writing from the Heart are fabulous … [Read more...]