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Bessel van der Kolk Speaks with NICABM’s Ruth M. Buczynski about Trauma on 10/29/2014 & I Take Notes

Webinar: 10/29/2014 with Bessel van der Kolk speaking Ruth M. Buczynski at If … [Read more...]

Sebern Fisher: The Woman Who Gets Developmental Trauma Like No Other!

"You can recover from all that happened to you." Sebern Fisher, author of Neurofeedback in the … [Read more...]

Polyvagal What? Stephen Porges, Fear & Trauma

When it comes to trauma, the body pulls rank. I can use willpower to wish away symptoms and ask my … [Read more...]

Trauma Art Installation/Body Language Recap

10/18/2014: We are CURRENTLY SEEKING FUNDING AND APPLYING FOR GRANTS We are expanding this … [Read more...]

Suzie Looks at Art Review of Body Language

“Body Language” makes trauma approachable through engaging and sometimes lighthearted activities, … [Read more...]

Global Trauma by Margaret Bellafiore / Guest Post

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by what is happening to the planet earth? You know, the … [Read more...]