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Fisher, Levine, Ogden, Porges, Siegel & van der Kolk: Rethinking Trauma Recap: FREE NOTES

NICABM had free webinars and audios, live, hosted by Ruth Buczynski. The series was entitled Rethinking Trauma and those listed below shared work, … [Read more...]

Trauma Healing & Future: Peter Levine, 5th and Final from Webinar with NICABM

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 ran earlier this week. Levine shared image of torrential sea of trauma and person alone in a little row … [Read more...]

Memory Systems and Trauma: Part 4, Peter Levine Webinar with NICABM

Memory Systems, Peter Levine, Part 4 of NICABM Webinar Series Levine said trauma affects multiple memory systems. Explicit Memory … [Read more...]

Therapist Bias Towards Reliving Trauma & Experts Doing Damage, Peter Levine, Part 3

“There's a western bias/belief about problems with emotions/relations/addictions/maladaptive behaviors are all due to trauma and that we have to … [Read more...]

Veterans & Generational Trauma, Part 2 of Peter Levine on NICABM Webinar Series

What If We Treated Trauma Like the Medical Crisis It Is? The importance of community and how it impacts recovery was touched on in the first part of … [Read more...]

Peter Levine, Understanding Trauma, Part 1, 11/19/2014 via NICABM Webinar

Learning About Trauma and the Body by Watching Animals My notes from webinar. All animals in the wild, most, experience threat or predation, Levine … [Read more...]

Moving On

We move on by going on. We move on by going back. We move on by circling and cycling and paying attention to what has changed. Sometimes nothing has … [Read more...]

I Can Do It Myself – With Help

My ten-week old puppy got stuck on the stairs one short hop from "success." She stopped while stretched up,  looked up and waited for rescue. What a … [Read more...]

Causing Hopefulness: Part 2 of What I’m Learning from Pat Ogden

for Part 1 of What I'm Learning from Pat Ogden, go here. Implicit Self The point it to figure out how to work with implicit self, because the … [Read more...]

Reading Body Signals or What I’m Learning from Pat Ogden, Part 1

I didn't catch the entire webinar with Pat Ogden because of technical issues. But it was fantastic and interesting to hear Ogden talk as part of … [Read more...]