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Fisher, Levine, Ogden, Porges, Siegel & van der Kolk: Rethinking Trauma Recap: FREE NOTES

NICABM had free webinars and audios, live, hosted by Ruth Buczynski. The series was entitled … [Read more...]

Trauma Healing & Future: Peter Levine, 5th and Final from Webinar with NICABM

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 ran earlier this week. Levine shared image of torrential sea of … [Read more...]

Memory Systems and Trauma: Part 4, Peter Levine Webinar with NICABM

Memory Systems, Peter Levine, Part 4 of NICABM Webinar Series Levine said trauma affects multiple … [Read more...]

Therapist Bias Towards Reliving Trauma & Experts Doing Damage, Peter Levine, Part 3

“There's a western bias/belief about problems with emotions/relations/addictions/maladaptive … [Read more...]

Veterans & Generational Trauma, Part 2 of Peter Levine on NICABM Webinar Series

What If We Treated Trauma Like the Medical Crisis It Is? The importance of community and how it … [Read more...]

Peter Levine, Understanding Trauma, Part 1, 11/19/2014 via NICABM Webinar

Learning About Trauma and the Body by Watching Animals My notes from webinar. All animals in the … [Read more...]

Moving On

We move on by going on. We move on by going back. We move on by circling and cycling and paying … [Read more...]

I Can Do It Myself – With Help

My ten-week old puppy got stuck on the stairs one short hop from "success." She stopped while … [Read more...]

Causing Hopefulness: Part 2 of What I’m Learning from Pat Ogden

for Part 1 of What I'm Learning from Pat Ogden, go here. Implicit Self The point it to figure out … [Read more...]

Reading Body Signals or What I’m Learning from Pat Ogden, Part 1

I didn't catch the entire webinar with Pat Ogden because of technical issues. But it was fantastic … [Read more...]