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Another F’n Break-Up Poem

Honestly, I don't feel like writing another f'n break-up poem but no one told my pen. Clearly, it is not yet done. My puppy just had surgery ten … [Read more...]

Godspeed, I Love You

When you didn't know me you were full of questions. When you didn't know me you listened for answers. When I knew you less I felt less … [Read more...]

Who WIll Be the One Who Saves the Relationship?

"Why not go for a guy who has no baggage?" my best friend said when I told her I was dating a male version of me – a responsible person with a … [Read more...]

Dr. Felitti’s Suggestions for High ACE Scorers

Like many people I've read all about the ACE study. I took the test and know my score (see online test at NPR for yours). Frankly, the news for those … [Read more...]

Elephant Journal Published Poem!

I usually edit my work, think (and often over think), work (and often over work) what I've done. Not here. This one was a don't as a non-stop … [Read more...]

Missing: I Do

When he said, too many times, I was too much, great in all ways - just, but, too-emotionally-much, I realized it was over. But that doesn’t mean I … [Read more...]

ACE Study & Test PowerPoint Note & THANK YOU

What a wonderful event at Mobius sharing research, art & conversation about the ACE study & test I'm so grateful to Dr. Vince Felitti, Rick … [Read more...]

Stanley Kunitz: The Layers

I love hearing poetry from the voice of the poet. This one, by Stanley Kunitz is both sad and celebratory. Of it, Roger Housden writes, in Ten Poems … [Read more...]

Break-the-Cycle Parenting: In the Trenches

"I trust you to curl my hair," I said to my twelve-year old as she came at my sizable forehead with a hot electrical appliance. "And that's saying … [Read more...]