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Why Don’t We Care About Real Violence as Much as Staged Fights?

I don’t plan on going through my day recounting the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight or discussing if … [Read more...]

To Write Love on Her Arms: Childhood Abuse Prevention and Sexual Violence Awareness

I'm honored to have the following piece, from my Why Heal Write Now page on the To Write Love on Her … [Read more...]

What’s Healing & What Helps Most?

Someone asked in a comment how to heal from developmental trauma. I was stumped. Am stumped. I gave … [Read more...]

The End of My Empty-Mess or The Good Girl’s Guide to Hitting Bottom

I'm writing regularly at Elephant Journal. The title of my latest piece is The End of My … [Read more...]

I Fell Hard for Daniel Ladinsky: Correction

I published a piece in Elephant Journal last week while in puppy love with Hafiz. Or who I … [Read more...]

I Fell Hard So Hard for Hafiz

I went to bed with a man so much older than me. I don’t even want to confess our age difference but … [Read more...]

I Ain’t Leaving Fear

My puppy is 7 months. She's afraid of cars. Sometimes she cowers behind my calves and other times … [Read more...]

Love the book by David J. Morris

I can't put this book down. … [Read more...]