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Why Don’t We Care About Real Violence as Much as Staged Fights?

I don’t plan on going through my day recounting the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight or discussing if it was as exciting as expected with the lack of … [Read more...]

To Write Love on Her Arms: Childhood Abuse Prevention and Sexual Violence Awareness

I'm honored to have the following piece, from my Why Heal Write Now page on the To Write Love on Her Arms blog where i now write a monthly column for … [Read more...]

What’s Healing & What Helps Most?

Someone asked in a comment how to heal from developmental trauma. I was stumped. Am stumped. I gave the standard … [Read more...]

The End of My Empty-Mess or The Good Girl’s Guide to Hitting Bottom

I'm writing regularly at Elephant Journal. The title of my latest piece is The End of My Empty-Mess. It's dedicated to all you other … [Read more...]

I Fell Hard for Daniel Ladinsky: Correction

I published a piece in Elephant Journal last week while in puppy love with Hafiz. Or who I thought was Hafiz. A correction and explanation is in … [Read more...]

I Fell Hard So Hard for Hafiz

I went to bed with a man so much older than me. I don’t even want to confess our age difference but I will because I have never felt so electric, … [Read more...]

I Ain’t Leaving Fear

My puppy is 7 months. She's afraid of cars. Sometimes she cowers behind my calves and other times she runs towards the car (I know, NOT GOOD). The … [Read more...]

Love the book by David J. Morris

I can't put this book down. … [Read more...]