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For the Pencil-Slinging Warrior Princesses

I can’t say no to my daughter when she asks me to buy her a new book, no matter how broke I am. “Words fuel, feed, nurture and nourish,” I say to my … [Read more...]

“She’s Such a Victim”

“She’s such a victim." I hear those words and they make me me cringe. I recoil and get small inside no matter when or how it is said. “He’s such a … [Read more...]

Naked Truth: Monika Rostvold’s Performance Piece is a Not a Protest but it is Political

Monika Rostvold wore pasties and a matched-her-skin thong bought at Target. She sat on the stairs in front of a library at the University of Texas … [Read more...]

I Am Not A Victim: A Manifesto for Humans

1. I am not a victim, as in adjective, personality type or horoscope. Victim is not the sun I was born under or in my rising sign. Nope. I was … [Read more...]

Kiss My Cellulite-Covered A*s! I’m Going to Try

I’m coming out with my cellulite-covered bottom half. In my bedroom, at the beach and at yoga class. Yup, it’s happening. I’m tired of hiding my … [Read more...]

A Letter to My Daughter’s Mother from her Daughter’s Mother (not the same person)

Dear Mother, Birth. First. Real. Adoptive. I hate these words and what others call us. We are mothers to the same daughter. Me in the U.S. and you … [Read more...]

The Girl You Don’t Need Make-Up Video Song the Boys Always Sing – Amy Schumer Style

I'm not a huge T.V. watcher and so I've missed Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central until I saw The Last Fuckable Day video on Elephant Journal (which … [Read more...]

The 1-Minute Test to Understand the Connection Between Your Childhood, Health Risks & Early Mortality

How could there be a test that indicates early mortality, 19 years early, and I’ve never heard of it? I’m into health, have avoided red meat for … [Read more...]

How Can Anyone Love Me with All of My Issues?

That’s the question I asked. It’s the mold that grew on my moist heart and kept me from opening myself up. It’s what I worried about in my early 20s … [Read more...]