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Developmental Trauma: When Lived Experience is Considered Expertise Everyone Benefits When someone is speaking about developmental trauma at a conference or webinar they are most … [Read more...]

The Conversation I’m Avoiding Having – A Laura Davis Writing Prompt

So I was over on the Laura Davis website doing her weekly online prompt because it's Tuesday. Each Tuesday she gives everyone a writing prompt and I … [Read more...]

Quote – World Loving You

"When you are young and have the feeling you're loved, you sort of feel it's the world loving you." George Saunders … [Read more...]

The Poetry of Patty Cogen is Breathtakingly Beautiful & Brave

These are the poems from Patty Cogen and her book (seeking a publisher now) - The Flip Side of My Skin. I want to gush endlessly about her talent but … [Read more...]

Coming Out as a Survivor

For the last three months I have been a regular writer at Elephant Journal. I am not going to lie and say I'm getting rich. Though I've been among the … [Read more...]