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Write to Heal Trauma: Televised Interview by Suzette Martinez Standring with Christine Cissy White (me :) … [Read more...]

Suzette Martinez Standring: Helping Spread the Writing is Healing Word to Survivors

It's so strange for this writer usually with the pen and asking the questions to be asked questions instead. It's new for me to be interviewed or to … [Read more...]

The Letter Every Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse Should Read

I got this letter from my soul sister Kathy. It came a short while after an article I wrote was published in Elephant Journal entitled How to Tell … [Read more...]

A Few of My Favorite Quotes about Why Writing is Healing

I worship quotes, song lyrics, poems and all words gems of wisdom. They've been tree trunks I lean on, flotation devices I hang on when thrashing … [Read more...]

A Broke Trauma Survivor Needs….?

I've got a chance next month to speak with a large agency that serves 30,000 people who have in one or more ways been seriously impacted by trauma. … [Read more...]

On the Morning of My Would-Be Wedding Anniversary

We married ten years into our partnership and were together for nine more. I referred to him as my soul mate for most of my life. Today would be my … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Hope It Helps Someone

Much of the beauty of having this website is having conversations over the phone, in email and on Facebook. I now have the community I've craved most … [Read more...]

The I’m Sorry Letter You Won’t Get

To the Women on the cover of New York Magazine and those represented by the empty chair: I'm sorry you have to have read the word "alleged" so often … [Read more...]