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Brene Brown’s Recipe for Trust or Braving a Roll of Paper Towel

"What is trust? What do we talk about when we talk about trust? Trust is a big word, right? To hear … [Read more...]

Carly Simon is a Survivor

Elephant latest. When a public person comes out as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I … [Read more...]

Still Boycotting Bloomingdale’s & Link to Viral Version on Elephant Journal

The first iteration ran hours before here in "It's Not the Starbucks Coffee Cup I'm Seeing Red … [Read more...]

What the Obit Didn’t Say, Francis Michael White

as it appeared in Elephant Journal... (except obit)  For fifty years my father remained … [Read more...]

Post-Traumatic Relapse

As it appeared on Elephant Journal This storm I see coming has settled in on me. Relapse is the … [Read more...]

Boycott Bloomingdale’s: Clear on Consent Campaign

I've got some mindful ways to make a difference in the world this holiday season in response to the … [Read more...]

Dear Bloomingdale’s: Please Show This at Your Next All-Staff Meeting

People have asked what the approval process is at Bloomingdale's and if anyone lost their job … [Read more...]

It’s Not the Starbucks Ad I’m Seeing Red Over: Rape Culture is a Bloomindale’s Ad

"Spike  your best friend's egg nog when they are not looking" reads the tag line of the … [Read more...]