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New Yorker Article about Bella Bond, the System & Critical of ACEs

Jill Lepore piece wrote a long piece in the New Yorker entitled, "Annals of Children's Welfare. Baby Doe. A Political History of Tragedy." There's … [Read more...]

Know the Score: Adverse Childhood Experiences & Adult Health   To learn more about the ACE study and test, come to this Sunday's event at the Heal Write Now Center. It's … [Read more...]

Why With Images

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From F’ck You Anxiety to Thank You

I refuse to hate you. I’m not going to fight, scream or even resist though I admit my first response to you never changes. You are a chirping … [Read more...]

Say It, Survivor Writing

When I attended the first Say It, Survivor workshop I was nervous. I write a lot about recovery and trauma and post-traumatic stress. I write very … [Read more...]

Can Present Joy Trump Past Pain? “Hope-aholic” Free-Write

I never regret it when I make time to write or do yoga. Never. So when my friend and mentor, Nancy Slonim Aronie, asked me to free-write - I did. I … [Read more...]