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Elephant Journal version of story about Kelly Clarkson’s song … [Read more...]

Kelly Clarkson’s Triumphant Song Brings Everyone to Tears

Confession: I am obsessed with this song. Kelly Clarkson returned to the American Idol stage as a guest judge last week in a live show. She was … [Read more...]

Making Social Change

But in college, a trillion years ago, I studied social policy, creative and critical writing and feminism. It was a make-your-own major kind of school … [Read more...]

Proof that You are Not Alone!

Do you know an adult struggling with depression at middle-age? Are you that adult? You are SO not alone, especially if you've had five or more adverse … [Read more...]

Adverse Childhood Experiences & An Adult Dose of Hope

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) & An Adult Dose of Hope   1:00–3:00 pm How can decades ago childhood adversity impact lifelong adult … [Read more...]