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I Forgot About Joy: What the Girls & Sex Book Made Me Realize

This article, written by Mary Elizabeth Williams,  and published in Salon is about Peggy Orenstein's latest book, Girls & Sex: Navigating the … [Read more...]

Johnna Janis makes documentary “Invisible Scars” to heal her and others’ childhood trauma

“It’s about so much more than childhood sexual abuse,” says Johnna Janis about her feature documentary, Invisible Scars, a remarkable film about her … [Read more...]

What Hue Are You?

My first blog was about sea glass, adoption and healing. I kept the healing part vague. I hinted. I walked the edges of how much I would say. I'm so … [Read more...]

These Fists Should Be Raised in Anger / Early Recovery Writing

  Throwback Thursday, Early Recovery Writing, Raw Drafted first in 1993   These fists should be raised in anger. This voice … [Read more...]

The Joy of Sex with a Survivor

The title is sarcastic in cast that isn't obvious. I guess I should say that this doesn't speak for all survivors all of the time - or even how I … [Read more...]

Sample of Heal Write Newsletter, March

This is a sample of the newsletter I do every once in a while. I'm not a once-a-week or even a once-a-month regular. They are long for traditional … [Read more...]