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I Forgot About Joy: What the Girls & Sex Book Made Me Realize

This article, written by Mary Elizabeth Williams,  and published in Salon is about Peggy Orenstein's … [Read more...]

Johnna Janis makes documentary “Invisible Scars” to heal her and others’ childhood trauma

“It’s about so much more than childhood sexual abuse,” says Johnna Janis about her feature … [Read more...]

What Hue Are You?

My first blog was about sea glass, adoption and healing. I kept the healing part vague. I hinted. I … [Read more...]

These Fists Should Be Raised in Anger / Early Recovery Writing

  Throwback Thursday, Early Recovery Writing, Raw Drafted first in … [Read more...]

The Joy of Sex with a Survivor

The title is sarcastic in cast that isn't obvious. I guess I should say that this doesn't speak for … [Read more...]

Sample of Heal Write Newsletter, March

This is a sample of the newsletter I do every once in a while. I'm not a once-a-week or even a … [Read more...]