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Survivor-Led Advocacy Initiatives (1)

Cross-Pointed to Parenting with ACEs at It's not trauma-informed if it's not informed by trauma survivors. I … [Read more...]

MAWD Annual Conference PowerPoint

For the amazing and hard-working people at the MAWD Annual Conference in Boston. In case you want to follow along during the presentation or just … [Read more...]

Paying Attention was the Hardest Part of Early Parenting

I used to sneak away for a hot bath as often as possible when my daughter was in the need-me-every-minute years. I'd soak long past when the water … [Read more...]

Do You Remember Me? #FacesOfPTSD

I got a poem today. It was sent over email. It is a punch. Healing and sad. Both. I got it from someone I went to high school with. We sat in class … [Read more...]

#FacesOfPTSD: What is This Campaign All About

What is the #FacesOfPTSD campaign? #FacesOfPTSD is a social media campaign kicking off on this Friday, May 6, 2016. Survivors who identify as … [Read more...]