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Forgetting Isn’t Healing: Lessons from Elie Wiesel ( & Telling & Hearing the Truth

In my college youth, I was quick to want to "get beyond" race. I apologized for what I thought was an unmanly outburst in class. I admonished myself … [Read more...]

Childhood Adversity Makes Us Unhealthy Adults & What We Can Do – Part 2

To read part one of this story, go here: It was in October 2014, and it was a one-hour conversation I had with Lisa Vasile, a nurse practitioner of … [Read more...]

How Childhood Adversity Makes Us Unhealthy Adults: Part 1

Heidi Aylward spent much of 2015 going to doctor’s appointments for back and joint pain, dizziness, swelling of the legs and feet, high blood … [Read more...]

Rick Hanson: Practical Neuro-Plasticity without a PhD

Oh how I love Rick Hanson. I love how he helps my healing and my parenting. He's taught me so much about the ABC's of being human, being … [Read more...]