Dear Summer: I’m Sorry and I See You

Dear Summer:
Too many pecks on the cheek and not enough eye-contact, savoring and skin. We’ve brushed up against each other for sure. It’s not been total neglect.

Before you have to head out and go let’s luxuriate. Books. Iced cream. Lemonade. Sandy feet while holding hands or wet without being raw and cold.

Laughing. Warm rain walks.

Easy. Contemplation.

You know the drill. I got a little swept up in all the to do’s and days almost turned into a whole season. Again.

I’m sorry. That’s me. Not you.

I’m done complaining that you’re too much heat and sun and humidity. You know – YOU ARE SUMMER and it’s not your fault there’s global warming.

You don’t have to be all sunny either for me. I’m good with the rainy version too.

We love each other.

And I see you. I appreciate you.

It’s bear hugs and a slow kiss and admiring stares. Appreciation mixed with some need.

These pecks won’t sustain me through the fall and winter. I need to feel you in my skin and soul, breathe you in, remember you so deep I trust you’ll return again even when there’s no evidence of you.

p.s. thanks Margaret Bellafiore for the image.

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