Tonier Cain Deserves an Evidence-Based Apology

 This is cross-posted on  ACEs Connection   Tonier Cain keynoted at the Benchmarks' Partnering for Excellence conference last month in … [Read more...]

When Your Kid is Too Good for Brené Brown (Cross Posted on ACEs Connection)

Childhood, like literature, lasts." Lance Woolaver, paraphrased from his book, Maud Lewis: The Heart at the Door. Even in the midst of conflict, I … [Read more...]

We don’t have trust issues! We trust trauma. (Video)

I spoke about ACEs and traumatic stress as a trauma survivor a few months back at the Nantucket Historical Association. The talk was recorded and so … [Read more...]

PTSD in Love

I can’t get the words he said out of my skin. They point, prick and stab. The ones I said stick in and out. We are dangerous, sharp, messy … [Read more...]

Write Your Story, Heal Your Life Interview Series

I was asked to be a part of the Write Your Story, Heal Your Life Summit and was intrigued. That is a topic so central to me my blog is named Heal … [Read more...]

Early Incest Poem (Title is the Trigger Warning)

5 feet hands on a on a four-year-old not much feeling mom's nowhere Dad who is dead you are haunting her now. She can't go to sleep - … [Read more...]

A Bum Like Me

What does she want to see a bum like me for anyway?" he said. "I can't let her see me like this." By this he meant greasy-haired. By this he meant … [Read more...]

Parenting Through the Storm: Book Review

Parenting Through the Storm: Find Help, Hope, and Strength When Your Child Has Psychological Problems, is written by Ann Douglas. The author, a member … [Read more...]

Anxious Parenting

When my daughter was younger I was anxious. I didn't have full-blown anxiety attacks, as some do. I had an almost constant anxiety motoring within me. … [Read more...]

Trusting More than Trauma

Sat at my desk yesterday and was thinking, "I have to get back to work." I was having so much fun reading articles I love, emailing back and forth … [Read more...]