Dose of Hope

For Survivors of All Types of Trauma

Tweaked, Freaked or Post-Traumatically Stressed Out? Wondering how it can hurt so bad when you can’t feel a thing? Pull up a cyber blankie and click on the categories below sorted as follows:

  • Literary Inspirations. You aren’t broken – just symptomatic. Quotes & writing.
  • Research & Talks. Trauma sucks but you don’t.
  • Get Back In Your Body if staying with sensations is harder than doing a Rubik’s cube wearing a blindfold.
  • If you want to cry but can’t find release go to Music & Songs to court your tears.
  • Go to Movie / TV Scenes if you want to stop obsessing or seek momentary distraction.
  • Love Notes to Your Nervous System (Notes from Trauma Survivors to Trauma Survivors)
  • Lemonade People Project To read about the real experts – inspiring trauma survivors helping others.



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