I love the #Iwishmyteacherknew campaign

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A brilliant idea by Kyle Schwartz, a grade school teacher, was used in class. She started a sentence students could finish. It was “I wish my teacher knew….”

It became a Twitter campaign #iwishmyteacherknew and a book by the same name.

I’m so glad. The experiences of children, in their own words, are being shared and it’s powerful.

Here’s a snippet below from the New York Times article. The teacher’s quote is important as is what the child wrote.i wish 1


As a writer and a mother and an advocate, I can’t help but think about what other sentences could be started to get people talking, sharing and communicating about important topics.

I wish my mother knew….

I wish my father knew….

I wish my partner knew…

I wish my boss knew….

I wish my friends knew….

This might be great dinner conversation, ideas to think about when journal writing and good for adults as well as children.

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