Love Notes to Your Nervous System: 5

This beautiful letter is from Trinity who is a Heal Write Now reader and wanted to offer support. She found the Love Notes to Your Nervous System section while up in the middle of the night suffering with anxiety and despair from her own post-traumatic stress. The section was designed for just such a person and time.

When trauma symptoms rage at night it can be extra isolating, scary and even surprising. Maybe we thought we had all that trauma buttoned up and in the past and some trigger, life event or nightmare caused fresh symptoms.  So, if you or someone you love needs some extra TLC, here’s Trinity’s letter. She wanted to pass on the support, an act which in and of itself, I find moving.

Dear Troubled heart and Mind,.feathers

If your reading this, It means your struggling and not coping well. Let me guess — your mind is running a hundred miles an hour. The memories are overwhelming. You want to cut, or maybe it’s 2 am and you feel unsafe and terrified. Stuck inside your body, screaming to get out.

First, I want you to take a deep breathe. Deep breathe in, slowly let it out. A few more times, come on sweetie, you can do this… Remember it’s okay to feel and experience your emotions. Find a place where you feel safe. Maybe turn on some soothing music. Are you still with me?

Let’s close our eyes, we are going to the ocean. Find a picture to hold if that would help. Think of the sand between your toes, isn’t it soft?! The wind in your hair. Listen to the waves crashing against the rocks….

Let yourself relax as you walk toward the water.

Keep taking deep breathes. Do you feel the cold water on your feet?

Look at the sky, God painted it just for you. He is there with you.

Hold onto the truth that you are a fighter. You have survived and you will get through this day/night.

You have many people who care about you. Think of Meg, or how about Austin and his amazing smile and hugs.

I urge you to keep your head up! This moment won’t last forever. Even though I know it feels like it will.

If you need grab your fox and teddy bear. Hug them or cry if you need.

You may not believe me yet but remember you are worth more then any razor blade, nightmare or negative thought.

Do what you need to take care of you. Come back and read this any time you need to.

Love , Me.

Doesn’t that help a little bit? I can feel the ocean wind from her words!

If YOU Have a Letter to Share…

Share your wisdom and struggle. Write a letter and leave it as a comment. It can be for yourself or to another survivor feel post-traumatically stressed.

Let me know if you want your name shared or to keep it anonymous and I’ll add it the website. The most important thing is to share from your soul. Whatever would help you would help another too. Trust and believe that. Thank you.



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