You Have Options Program – Anonymous Reporting & Respect

I’m so excited to learn about the You Have Options Progam (YHOP) and how the needs of sexual assault victims/survivors are being respected, heard and met.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I’m most impressed with the common-sense but not common approach of the program founder, Carrie Hall. I love this quote I heard yesterday.

“There is a series of 20 elements to the program. There may be a victim that steps forward that wants two or three of us those. We don’t put what we believe someone needs on the person who was victimized. We let them tell us what they need and that’s a real shift from the traditional law enforcement response which can be pretty assumptive of what someone needs or wants or should want if they’ve been victimized.”

Detective, Carrie Hall was interviewed on WBUR’s Here and Now program today speaking about theYou Have Options program (YHOP) she directs.

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