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Christine Cissy White is a speaker, journalist, memoir writer and health activist. She’s the founder of the Heal Write Now Community, a mother and a trauma survivor. Her survivor-led activism in the trauma community has been written about in places such as Atlantic Monthly, The Mighty, Huffington Post & Revelist.

Speaking Topics:

  • Parenting with PTSD (This can be done in 2 or 3-hour format and is CEU-credit eligible)
  • Parenting is My Super Power: How Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences Empowers Parents
  • Self-Care as a Second Language after Developmental Trauma
  • Portable & Affordable Healing & Recovery Tools for those with Traumatic Stress
  • It’s Not Trauma Informed if it’s Not Informed by Trauma Survivors: Survivor-Led Advocacy

She speaks about adverse childhood experiences, parenting with post-traumatic stress, break-the-cycle parenting and adverse childhood experiences.

Her workshops and keynotes draw on both data and story.  She feelings as well as facts and speaks openly, honestly and shamelessly about adult life with post-traumatic stress from developmental trauma.




She is founder of the Heal Write Now Community and manages the Parenting with ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) group at ACEsConnectionfaces-of-ptsd

Her gone-viral writing has been published in The Boston Globe, Ms. Magazine, Spirituality & Health, Psych Central, Elephant Journal  & To Write Love on Her Arms.

She knows it’s possible to live, love and parent well after trauma while post-traumatically stressed….. It’s possible but it’s not easy.


Hope & Healing:  Nantucket High School,  2 CEU’s,  March 2016

Parenting with PTSD, Riverside Trauma, 3-hour CEU Workshop Dec. 2016riverside-trauma

Parenting After Trauma, Keynote, Partnering for Excellence (PFE) Conference,  Benchmarks , NC August, 2016

Co-founder of #FacesOfPTSD campaign 2016

Harvard Pilgrim, Writing for Wellness Pilot & Position Papers (2015)

Health Imperatives Staff Day, Keynote, Plymouth, MA (2015)

Press, Just Write with Suzette, Milton, MA (2015)benchmarks3

RAINN Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network Speaker’s Bureau (Ongoing)

The Training Venue  Guest Speaker, Webinar (2015)

Mobius, The Mind-Blowing Test No One Knows About, Lecture, Cambridge, MA  (2015)

Pathways, Martha’s Vineyard with Nancy Slonim Aronie, Spoken Word (2015)

Body Language: Trauma Installation at Mobius with Marga ret Bellafiore (2014)

Guest Speaker: Bridgewater State University, Art as Activism class (2014)


Jim McCauley, LICSW, C0-Founder of Riverside Trauma Center
“warm….lovely…..authentic………… funny….”  These are just a few of the words written on the evaluations I looked at this morning. I would echo all these comments. You did such a wonderful job reaching out to people and sharing your experience. I can’t imagine there is a better way to learn what you are able to teach us. The evaluations were universally glowing. You have so many powerful images that you share. Thanks so much for sharing what you learned and enriching our work and our lives.”

 Elizabeth Torrant, VP, Health Intervention & Prevention Services, Brockton, MA
health imperatives testimonial

“Thank you so much for delivering a powerful, compelling and personal presentation with wit, sensitivity, and with very clear and tangible messages for staff to take away and use to help others as you’ve done for yourself and for so many others….  A few providers told me that they are going to start writing prescriptions for writing expressive writing so your messages were well-received and understood. I hope we continue to work together…”
Heather R. Hedrick, MS, LPC, LCAS, Rowan Center Director, Daymark Recovery Services, Benchmarks Conference, NC

“Ms. White, It was a very moving and powerful message and you gave some great insight on parenting with trauma. I loved the quote “ it is not trauma-informed if it’s not informed by trauma survivors”. You are so right!!  I would love to share your power point images that you shared on Friday with my clinical staff if would be willing to send it. I’m always looking for opportunities to help my staff develop their skills in working with trauma. “


  1. Hi Cissy,
    Oh, God — The Mom Thing. Yikes, horrible!!
    Please check out my book at http://attachmentdisorderhealing.com/book/
    And my blog at http://attachmentdisorderhealing.com/blogs/
    Also my latest on Sebern Fisher:

  2. Hi, Cissy! I’ve got all the info together to send you: quote + PPT with ways to heal after childhood trauma. What’s the best email address to reach you?


  3. Dear Cissy,
    I have only just found your website recently, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for articulating so eloquently thoughts that I frequently have about dealing with trauma, especially seeing mother as victim but also perpetrator and the repeated reference in literature to a “pre-trauma self” (which really doesn’t resonate for those abused in childhood). I am early days in my treatment of complex trauma (having previously been diagnosed with panic attacks and depression 6 years ago and my family being in denial about the abuse), so I am new to the concepts of developmental trauma and possible treatments (neurofeedback etc).

    Thank you for providing such a human and empathetic voice to these issues. I find it greatly comforting.

    Warm Regards,

    • Cissy White says:

      Your great comfort is my great joy! Seriously, thank you for telling me how it makes you feel because that, for me, is motivating and rewarding. I appreciate it. It’s a warrior path – to face the past and the pain – and it’s so trying at times. For me, Cheri Huber’s book There’s Nothing Wrong with You No Matter What You Think and free-writing with loving others and learning about attachment all helped me enormously in healing. I don’t say that as advice for you but as hope to say – THERE ARE PATHS and THERE IS HEALING and it gets easier. I hope you indulge in what brings you peace, comfort, hope and joy because you’ve been through and are going through a lot and you deserve that support – internally and externally from whatever makes you feel most safe and alive.
      We all do! That is my belief.
      Thank you so much for writing!!!!

  4. Velta Mack says:

    I am interested in your private page.

  5. Excellent, thought-provoking presentation today, Sept 11, with Health Imperatives. Missed you to say thank you in person. Best wishes, Amelia

    • Cissy White says:

      Thank you so much for the feedback Amelia! That is great to hear and I don’t know your particular job but what a FANTASTIC organization you work for! Thanks for commenting! Cissy

  6. Lisa foresta says:

    You do a wonderful thing that helps so many people. Thank you. Lisa

  7. John Randall says:

    Cissy, Let’s just say this: I think I want to learn to write what you talk about. I was severely abused as a child, I write about it in college. I wrote my story on a private facebook page. I want to let you know I have been inspiration to so many others. However, as PTSD always does, it made me ugly when fears reared their ugly head. I want to stay in contact with you, just because you write so poignantly what we want to tell the world. Thanks, John Randall

    • Cissy White says:

      Dear John:
      First, I’m sorry you were hurt as a child. I’m glad you found writing. I believe it can help so much. That said, no matter how much healing we do there are times when the fear is strong. I think that’s true for most of us. That’s part of the reason I do this website. That’s normal and it doesn’t mean the healing isn’t real or happening. Just that the fear is there as well. I love the idea of survivors inspiring other survivors. Sharing the truth of all of what we feel. Inspiration and fear. Thank you for writing and commenting. Please feel free to share your Facebook page (here or privately). I too am on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HealWriteNow/
      Take Care,

  8. I want to write my whole story as a blog and want to spread awareness. Can you help me?

  9. I just found your website today thru a facebook post. I have always used writing to deal with life. I am 68 and stuck trying to publish my blog. Do you offer counseling via email or online sessions?

    thank you

  10. Debbie Nelson says:

    How do I know if I am suffering from PTSD? I was raised by a narcissist and married to two of them. I lost my job, my marriage, my dog died and I became an empty-nester all at once. I also have an autoimmune disease and am in chronic daily pain. I am not doing well.

    • Debbie:
      I couldn’t say what’s grief, physical pain, loss, hardship and/or traumatic stress for anyone but no matter what the cause(s) I am sorry you are in pain – physical and emotional. I’m sorry for your losses too.
      I love reading when I am hurting and getting educated so at least I feel like I can make sense of what’s happening (ex. what’s a symptom vs. a sensation). Some find that stressful. If reading works for you I’d see what resonates and what you think, that you read or explore speaks to and for you. No matter what I do know you are not alone.

      • Jane putnam says:

        Excellent advice…at least for me. If I know what my problem is I always want to best see how to heal or get as well as possible. I’ve only read on ACEs for a couple days. I’m a 10, until I can see the necessity of it, I don’t want to know my, I think it’s called “resiliency” score. I have to believe it’s high.

        I hope if reading doesn’t help, you can find some good you tube stuff. I know, as a teacher, we all learn very differently. Best to all of you!


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