Still Boycotting Bloomingdale’s & Link to Viral Version on Elephant Journal

The first iteration ran hours before here in “It’s Not the Starbucks Coffee Cup I’m Seeing Red Over”¬†and the version that went to press on Elephant Journal went viral with almost 2 million views.


That never happened to me before. Of course writer me was thrilled. And feminist me as well. Coverage for topics often not covered in media. Or even as much as I’d like at Elephant.

It was pretty incredible. And what was also incredible is that FIVE WOMEN had popular and political writing. FIVE. I’ll write about that more another time.

I wish Bloomingdale’s could assure us another ad like this one won’t get made. Or approved. Or distributed.

Nothing on that yet.

So I continue to boycott.

#boycottbloomingdales every damn day!Capture

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  • It's not trauma informed if it's not informed by trauma survivors.
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