The “F” Words – Fear & Forgiveness

“If your parent is the bear in the living room, it is biologically impossible to run to that parent when they are either over or under reacting. If … [Read more...]

PTSD, Children & Images

Former foster children are almost twice as likely to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as U.S. war veterans, according to a study … [Read more...]

Survivor-Led Advocacy Initiatives (1)

Cross-Pointed to Parenting with ACEs at It's not trauma-informed if it's not informed by trauma survivors. I … [Read more...]

Do You Remember Me? #FacesOfPTSD

I got a poem today. It was sent over email. It is a punch. Healing and sad. Both. I got it from someone I went to high school with. We sat in class … [Read more...]

#FacesOfPTSD: What is This Campaign All About

What is the #FacesOfPTSD campaign? #FacesOfPTSD is a social media campaign kicking off on this Friday, May 6, 2016. Survivors who identify as … [Read more...]

#FacesOfPTSD / PTSD is Not a He

This is a collaborative effort between five feisty survivors. We are determined to change the Google (Bing and Yahoo) search results which show men at … [Read more...]

What Gives Google? PTSD Search Results

How come when I Google ‘PTSD’ this is what I get? Where are the women? It’s especially troubling considering this: “Women are more than … [Read more...]

Julie Lovely and the Wild Hearts Posse: Resilience & the Healing Power of Horses

My second profile from the Lemonade People Project is ready. I am thrilled to share the work of Julie Lovely of Wild Hearts. Click here. Please share … [Read more...]

Vets Speak & Warrior Writers, 1

Indictment by Maurice Decaul Women walked up to beg help, to share images of loved ones, hoping maybe we had seen their boys & men. Once a … [Read more...]

Topic – Trauma and PTSD

Frank Ochberg, one of the first people I have heard talk about the damage to the mother/child relationship when the mother is the non-offending parent … [Read more...]