Testimony & Hope

I used to get jealous of my therapist. She got something from therapy that I didn’t (besides my cash). She got to hear from survivor after survivor after survivor. That’s what I wanted. truth

I wanted THAT.

Community. Honesty. Being real.

I wanted to know what the other people – who were sharing the same chair before and after me in my session – were saying. I wondered what they lived with, learned and discovered about life with developmental trauma. I wondered how they navigated life with post-trauma stress.

That’s what I needed most.


How did others go from crappy to happy, stressed to blessed or from pissed off to blissed out?Dandelions in Sunlight

How did they manage when they lost their center and fell into sadness, anger or numbness?

How did they shake off nightmare hangovers or cope with triggers when life was… life?

What were the short cuts, strategies, and insights?

I craved conversation and sharing and eye contact without co-pays.

Now I get that all of the time.

I get to hear from other survivors. It’s the best part of doing this work and taking on the topics I do in my writing. It’s as powerful as I suspected it might be.

So here, in the projects section, you can find out more about other amazing survivors. You can see stories, hear from others and see images as well. It’s us speaking for ourselves. It’s us talking about living with post-traumatic stress. It’s us helping ourselves and each other and total strangers in all sorts of ways.