Survivor Inspiring Survivor (SIS)

It’s not trauma informed if it’s not informed by trauma survivors. Here, we are a community of peers. The cause of our post-traumatic stress may differ, we may have experienced different adverse childhood experiences (ACES) but many aspects of healing from trauma are universal.

Part of the mission of this website is crating a survivor inspiring survivor community (SIS).

  • We can share share writing, resources & information.
  • We can motivate & validate ourselves & each other.
  • We have the expertise of experience.
  • We speak for ourselves about post-traumatic stress, recovery & healing.
  • We share opinions & insights and define our needs as trauma survivors. 

Hope Isn’t Believable Unless It’s Based on the Truth

My motto “Write heavy – live light” because I don’t believe we shift to genuine hope unless we own all of our sorrow and fear first. Once we admit the truth of where we are at, things can shift, move and improve organically. Until we do that, we’re often exerting a ton of energy “trying” to see, happy, cheery or together. That just doesn’t work for a whole lot of us.

Here, the truth is enough. How do you actually feel? What do you really experience, want and need? How have trauma and adversity impacted you and what tools and techniques have you gathered along the way?

  • What skills or practices keep you joyful & present? 
  • How do you manage trauma symptoms & breaking the cycle?
  • What treatment modalities do you hate or love or want more or less of?

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks. Love what you are doing here. Stumbled across your website after reading an Amazon review (vdK) — I haven’t read the book yet but totally get what you were saying. I’ll come and visit again soon when I have more time to explore.

    P.S. I was in between tears and laughter when I read your comment about “holding it”. I had no idea other people ignored their bodies in the same way. Sharing even those tiniest of nuggets helps to destigmatize some of the lingering effects of trauma. Yes, let’s finally give a voice to our souls that have been silenced by shame and our bodies that have so suffered in that silence. Enough.

    • Cissy White says:

      Can I add your comment as a testimonial? Honestly, it made my day. Really, de-stigmatizing and normalizing and helping us explain ourselves (to and for ourselves as well as others) is what this site is ALL about. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

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